Motorised Blinds & Motorised Shutters

July 8, 2017

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade
– Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine

Stop and think; most times you choose not to motorise, why? You think it’s too expensive?
Most times, home owners are surprised at the cost difference; you won’t know unless you ask…
Give us a call and we will come out, no obligation, and advise you on your needs and give you a cost, most times, on the spot! We then leave you to make a decision in you own good time.
We don’t use any of the old sales tricks to put you under pressure; in fact, we won’t even annoy you with a nuisance followup call!

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade motorise just about every product we sell;

Roller Shutters
– Electric – Internal Rotor switch
– Electric – Remote control
– Battery – Internal & Rechargeable
– Battery – Remote Control
– Smoke Detectors
– Back up systems
Folding Arm Awnings
– Somfy
– Becker
– Remote Control
– Wind Sensors
– Motion Sensors
– Rain Sensors
– Sun Sensors
Click Here: Folding Arm Awning Demonstration

Ziptrak, Patio & Window Blinds
– Alpha Motor (Australian)
– Remote Control
– Single or Multi-channel Remotes
Click Here: Ziptrak – Motorised Demonstration

Aluminium Louvre Shutters
– Electric
– Internal Wall switch
– Remote Controlled