Folding Arm Awning – Motion Sensor

March 28, 2018

Dear customers,

Most of the Folding Arm Awnings that we sell, supplied with motors, are also sold with a wireless Motion Sensor. The Motion Sensor automatically sends instruction to the awning to retract when the wind causes the Awning to shake around too much.

Note: The wireless Motion Sensor is powered by 2/AAA batteries. It is suggested that you change these annually. Simply remove the side screw for the white sensor box (Mounted on the inward side of the leading bar), slide out the electronic board and change the batteries out, slide the board back in and secure the flap with the screw.

Two tell-tale signs that the batteries need replacing;
– Operating the remote control to send the Awning out; the button will need to be pressed repeatedly (unlike when the batteries are ok) to get the Awning fully extended.
– The Awning will automatically retract after a short period of time, as a safety measure; even if there is no wind around!

If you are not sure, please give the office of Surf Cost Shutters and Shade a call!
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