Ziptrak in the Wind

June 6, 2018

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade gets asked the question, time and time again, “How safe are our Ziptrak® blinds on a windy day and when should I take them up?”; our answer to this is simple, ‘protect your investment; if you’re worried, take them up!’

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade has asked Ziptrak® for a wind rating on the blinds and unfortunately, they won’t answer the question with an actual figure!

Now, from Surf Coast Shutters and Shade’s experience, mesh is more user friendly in windy conditions in comparison to PVC; the PVC acts like a sail, whereas the mesh has an openness to the weave. Ziptrak® says in windy conditions, the blinds should be either fully down and locked or fully retracted – half way is the most vulnerable! Ziptrak® also says, “During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted”; the trouble is, they don’t determine what a severe weather event is!

At Surf Coast Shutters and Shade, we suggest that you think vary carefully about what it is that you are trying to achieve when protecting (Sun, Wind & Rain) an outdoor area; is a blind the right choice? Remember, the sales person attending your home, has no idea on the type of weather that affects your home… Surf Coast Shutters and Shade offer a number of products and services to the client. We are very honest in our approach and will tell you if we believe if a product is suitable or not…

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