Looking after Ziptrak

December 2, 2019

Ziptrak® protection – Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast

I have had a few clients that have held an unrealistic opinion of expectation, regarding the capabilities of the Ziptrak® Blind System. It is imperative that you remember that Ziptrak® , as good as it is, is still just a blind after all and with that comes limitations and responsibilities!

Recent weather patterns have bought stormy winds and now, with summer upon us, the strong Northerly winds will accompany the heat…  All I can say is, “please follow the supplier’s warnings in protecting your blinds”.

Ziptrak® ,the company, are smart in their wording, when it comes to protection your blinds; they won’t give any actual wind speed that the blind is expected to take.  Ziptrak® use descriptions like, “High winds”, “Extreme Weather Events”, placing the onus upon you to use common sense when protecting your investment…

Follow the link below to learn more about the care and maintenance of the Ziptrak® Blind.

Ziptrak® Tips & Tricks

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