Ziptrak® Warranty Warning

January 25, 2020

Ziptrak® Warranty Warning

Please be warned:

As good as Ziptrak® is, it comes with limitations;

  • Ziptrak® responsibility

    • Ziptrak® places all the responsibility of proper use and care of your blinds on YOU!
    • You will not find any wind speeds noted on any documentation or on the website of Ziptrak®
    • When unattended and in particularly, when there is a moderate wind, leave the blinds fully Up or fully Down
      • Never leave the blinds positioned in-between as this will cause damage to the side tapes that run inside the side guides.
    • In the event of strong winds, always place your blinds in the fully Up position.
  • Motorised Ziptrak®

    • Advantages
      • In strong winds, the manually operated Ziptrak® blind can be difficult to get up as the wind pushing on the fabric causing the blind to pull at the side guides; you may have to wait for the wind to subside or, you could push against the bellowing side of the fabric in order to get your blind up. Note: The top spring is designed to balance the weight of the blind only, so it won’t assist you to pull it up…
        • The motorised Ziptrak on the other hand, pulls the blind up; the perfect tool to help tuck your blind away… Still, keep a watch on it when operating.
    • Disadvantages
      • When operating the motorised Ziptrak blind, always watch until the movement has stopped! Note: Keep your finger on the stop button in case you need to stop it for any reason.
        • Motoring the blind downward; strong winds can cause the side tape to grip in the side guides and the blind may physically stop travelling downward. Warning – The motor will keep going… this may cause the fabric to chew up inside the pelmet! Note: Always be ready to stop the blind if required.
        • Always keep the side guides clear of dust and grime build-up; Build-up of any foreign matter inside the guides can cause the blind from travelling freely. Once again, if the blind is motorised downward and the blind physically stops because of the buildup inside the guides, be ready to push the stop button; failure to do so may cause damage of the blind inside the pelmet!
        • Note: Don’t have anything positioned near your Ziptrak blinds
          • Sharp items may cause damage to the fabric
          • If anything is accidentally left or falls under the Motorised Ziptrak blind, it will most likely cause expensive damage to your blind.  The bottom bar may be forced into a position that may tear or damage the fabric, splines, welds and components.
            • Note: We have had customers that have had to pay for expensive repairs not covered under warranty.
  • Warranty

  • Warranty Warning

    • All care when operating and maintaining the blinds are the client’s responsibility
    • You, the client, are only covered for what is mentioned above; please take the time to read and understand the Warranty & Care documents. If you are unclear on anything, drop us a line at
      • You are not covered for damage that has occurred due to:
        • Lack of Care & Maintenance
        • Improper Operation
        • Damage caused by any foreign matter coming in contact with the blind
        • Anything action that has caused the fabric to be damaged inside the pelmet
        • Weather conditions that have caused damage to the blind
      • Each Supplier will make a professional and unbiased decision on any Warranty Claim