Cleaning the Rear of a Roller Shutter

October 1, 2020


We all know how easy it is to clean what we have access too, but how do we clean something we can’t get to?

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade, Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast will show you how…

Before you commence, you will need a few things:
  • Drill – Electric or Battery operated
  • 3.2 mm Drill Bit
  • Replacement Pop-rivets
  • Pop-rivet tool
  • Bucket with a mild soap/water mix
  • Rags
Now, follow these easy steps to clean the back of your Roller Shutter
  • Using the drill and the 3.2mm Drill bit, drill out the 4/Pop-Rivets holding the Roller Shutter Cover in place
  • Remove the cover and put somewhere safe, so it won’t get accidentally damaged
  • This gives to access to the inside of the Roller Shutter Head-Box
  • Now, to save yourself repeatedly running inside and out, it’s best to have someone inside to assist
    • Have your assistant operate the Roller Shutter upward, slowly, a bit at a time.
  • Clean the Shutter Curtain as it rolls up onto the top tube
    • You are now cleaning the rear of the curtain that you don’t normally have access too
  • Once you have finished cleaning, have your assistant operate the Shutter curtain downward, slowly
    • Ensure that the curtain is clean and dry by wiping it as it comes down
  • You can now refit the Head-Box Cover into place & Pop-rivet back into position

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