Roller Shutter Motors

October 6, 2022

FAAC Roller Shutter Motors

Roller Shutters Geelong Surf Coast Bellarine

FAAC proud reputation goes way beyond ITALY. The dream that first opened the doors of automation to all, originated in the same land that has expanded worldwide technological excellence

Commenced:               1965

Years of Business:       Over 55

Employees                  Over 3,40

Quality rules

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Pric

    To maintain a consistent level of quality, FAAC has continued to invest in technology, advancing production methods and the organisation. All personnel within the FAAC family are committed to respecting the company’s corporate policies and values on a daily basis, and to continually improving each and every activity performed within the FAAC group.

    So, when a customer asks, “What motors do you use in your Roller Shutters?”, we proudly tell them, FAAC.