Plantation Shutters–What is the best material?

April 7, 2023

Plantation Shutters–What is the best material?

There are several materials available when choosing to have Plantation Shutters installed in your home or office. The choice comes down to where they are to be installed and the finish you prefer.


Many clients automatically lean towards wanting timber Plantation Shutters fitted into their home; they believe that timber is the best option… Sure, it’s a natural, beautiful looking product, but timber also presents a few issues that should seriously be considered…

  • Wet Areas
    • You should not install timber plantation shutters in wet areas; think about it… they will draw internal moisture into the timber, causing the possibility of twisting and swelling.
      • Combination of dampness & the heat of the sun through the window, will have the timber drying on one side: cupping towards the warmth of the sun…
      • Special timbers, like Basswood, contain a fine/straight grain; least likely to bend, twist & warp… given the right conditions, it will still do as it pleases; it is a natural material after all…
      • Evaporative cooling = Moisture.
        • We should not install timber Plantation Shutters in a space where Evaporative Cooling is used; The cooling system pumps moisture in, leaving your timber shutters exposed to certain issues.
      • Paint or Stain
        • Choose Basswood when you have a certain look you need to achieve.
          • Stained Timber
          • Dark paint colours
        • White and light colour paint finishes. We suggest you choose the PVC Plantation Shutter. Not only will it hold its shape, but you will also receive a product with a better warranty period and superior thermal properties.
      • Warranty
        • Basswood has a shorter warranty period compared to the PVC.


  • Natural product.
  • Timber look.
  • Good span width.


  • Not for wet areas.
  • Can twist & warp.


Polymer composite Plantation Shutters offer many advantages over timber. Unless you want the ‘timber look’, then seriously consider PVC as your preferred option.


  • PVC is generally found to be more affordable than timber.
  • The PVC warranty is far superior.
  • Thermally, PVC rating is approximately 70% better than timber.
  • PVC is perfect in wet areas.
    • Kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites, laundries & rooms with evaporative cooling.


  • Can’t be painted with Dark Colours.
  • Heavier/denser than timber.
  • Limited span width.


Some suppliers offer aluminium as an internal plantation shutter option. These are the most expensive of them all.


  • Long Warranty period.
  • Dark paint finishes available.
  • Sleek modern look.
  • No twisting or warping.
  • Panel width spans further than Timber & PVC.


  • They can damage easily as the aluminium is light gauged.
  • Dark colours – easily scratched.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

I will not go too far into depth with MDF. Unless MDF is sealed correctly, it’s going to cause more headaches than timber. MDF is a man-made product, and it doesn’t deal with moisture well at all; it’s like blotting paper, a sponge; it will draw any moisture in its vicinity without hesitation. MDF may be cheap, but with it comes some nasty characteristics… steer well clear…!

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