Ziptrak® Blind Benefits

May 2, 2023


Ziptrak is one of Australia’s favourite tracking blind systems. Start asking around and you’ll soon discover that many people have them installed in their home and for good reason; customers ask for Ziptrak by name.  Ziptrak’s engineers are constantly working to improve the system, ensuring that you’ll always be ordering the best.

Despite what the name suggests, there are no zips to be seen; Ziptrak has a unique track-guided system that is well balanced with Ziptrak’s specifically designed springs, ensuring that a simple manual operation is maintained.  You also have the option to upgrade your blind selection with remote controlled 240v Motors.   No Zips, No Buckles, No Straps, No Worries…

Ziptrak: Aesthetically Pleasing

Clean, neat & sleek. Ziptrak has designed their product to look stunning, enhancing any outdoor entertaining area. No only will Ziptrak have your guests commenting on the look of your new blinds; you will soon have them sighing when you demonstrate how easy they are to operate.

Ziptrak: Investment

Ziptrak is one of the best investments you’ll make on your home. Many homes are built with an alfresco or patio area; a space that we struggle to use as much as we’d care too… all due to the wind, sun & rain.  Installing Ziptrak Blinds to these areas will have you using the space all year round.  Ziptrak will protect you, not only from the harsh elements, but also from annoying insects.

Ziptrak: Durable

Designed in Australia, Ziptrak blinds are engineered to last. Using only quality materials, your blinds will function for many years to come. Pending on your requirements, quality Mesh & PVC materials will see your Ziptrak blinds shielding you and your family from the harsh Australian elements.

Ziptrak: Clean & Maintain

It’s very important to keep any investment clean & Ziptrak is no different & yet, it’s not hard at all… It’s a very convenient method to look after your investment; by simply pushing the blinds up, give your guides a clean with a soft brush & mild soap water (Never use harsh cleaners) and rinse; let everything dry and spray with the recommended silicone spray as shown by Ziptrak.


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