7 Reasons to select Ziptrak® blinds in Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula Areas

October 10, 2023

7 Reasons to select Ziptrak® blinds in Geelong, Surf Coast & Bellarine Peninsula Areas

Choosing Ziptrak® blinds in Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula areas, which are all coastal regions in Victoria, Australia, can offer numerous benefits tailored to these specific locations. Here are seven compelling reasons to select Ziptrak® blinds in these areas:


  1. Wind Resistance: Coastal regions, like Geelong, Surf Coast and the Bellarine, are prone to strong coastal winds. Ziptrak® blinds are renowned for their exceptional wind resistance due to their track-guided system, which keeps the blinds securely in place, when others may fail.
  2. Saltwater Resistance: Coastal areas in Australia, often have high salt content in the air, which can be corrosive too many outdoor materials. Ziptrak® blinds are designed with corrosion resistant components, insuring they remain durable and functional in these environments for quite some time.
  3. UV Protection: The Australian sun can be quite intense, and Ziptrak® blinds, along with a carefully selected mesh fabric can provide effective UV protection.  These will help shield you, your outdoor space, and furnishings from the harsh UV rays, preventing harmful sun damage.
  4. Weather Resistant: Ziptrak® blinds create resistance against rain, wind and other weather conditions prevalent to coastal regions. This ensures that your outdoor area stays reasonably dry and comfortable, even during rainy and stormy weather.
  5. Privacy Control: Depending on your privacy requirement, you can select a 95% or 99% Mesh. With the Ziptrak® system, you can enjoy enhanced privacy as needed; Ziptrak® blinds can be easily adjusted up & down to provide partial or complete coverage, allowing you to maintain your privacy while still enjoying the coastal views.
  6. Insect Protection: Australia’s coastal areas can attract all sorts of insects & bugs, particularly during the warmer months. Ziptrak® blinds can assist towards creating a barrier against these unwanted pests, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space without disturbances from unwanted guests.
  7. Energy Efficiency: Ziptrak® blinds help you regulate the temperature in your outdoor area.  During the cooler months, Ziptrak® will assist in containing any artificial heat you may utilise within your outdoor area; your fabric selection will determine the efficiency of this containment. Warning: Some gas heaters are designed for outdoor use and not in contained areas!  During the warmer months,  mesh fabrics will provide a cooling shade, keeping the sun’s rays at bay. The Ziptrak® system is easily adjusted up and down, allowing you full control of fresh air movement throughout your outdoor area.

By selecting Ziptrak® blinds for the Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine areas, you will enhance your outdoor living experience.  By adding protection, privacy, and aesthetic appeal to your coastal home, Ziptrak® blinds make a wonderful investment. Remember, like anything that is installed in the outdoor areas we love, consider regular maintenance to ensure your investment’s best performance and longevity.


Ziptrak® – Vistaweave95 or Vistaweave99 Mesh

Ziptrak® – PVC: Ideal where the sun doesn’t shine

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