Thank you from our family to yours…

We really appreciate that you have taken the time to visit us at Surf Coast Shutters and Shade…


IN-HOME VISITS . Whilst Melbourne is closed for Stage 4 Lockdown measures, we will suspend all home visits; for both; Sales & Installations.

We really thank you for your understanding!

We are all faced with the question: “Is it necessary to have strange visitors in my home in order to obtain a quote?”.  Sometimes, the answer is yes, and yet, in these strange times, the answer is, a definite no…!  Now, normally, we would request for an appointment time booked with you; we would like to offer our personalised, professional service, enabling us to assist you with your requirements; this give us an opportunity to display the level of  professionalism we provide…

In  Geelong, few are faced with COVID-19 Stage 3 Lockdown rules, whilst our  brothers and sisters in Melbourne are faced with the dramatic affects of Stage 4…   Now, you may think to yourself, why should Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown bother me?  Let me say this; where do you think the wholesale manufacturer’s operate from…….?  It’s not Geelong!

So, we invite you to email your enquiry through; email with as many questions that comes to mind… Let us know what products you have seen on our website, lets us know the quantity and sizes you  you need and we are only too happy to come back to you with an estimate….

If you send through an enquiry, please send us what ever comes to mind;

  • Name
  • Number
  • Suburb (This allows us to sort a suitable timed appointment)
  • Product enquiry
    • Quantity
    • Sizes (if known)
    • Photos are a great assistance to get an accurate quote back to you
      • These can be sent via email or sms

For your convenience and peace of mind:

  • We do not utilise any pressure selling techniques; this allows you to make an informed decision in your own good time…
  • We never make annoying follow-up phone calls in an effort to get your business!
  • We are a professional, family run business that has a building and construction background…

We are here to help you in a professional & friendly manor, just as you would expect…



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