Can my external shutters be matched to the existing paintwork?

The true answer is pending; the construction nature of the domestic Roller Shutter blade does not allow for the heat process of powder-coating. The Domestic Shutter has a standard range of 17 colours to choose from for your Geelong roller shutters.  If you have a specific colour requirement, the commercial graded extruded Roller Shutter would need to be used; note: these are substantially more expensive – we are happy to provide a costing at no cost to you!

Are you able to come to my home or business to complete a full measure and quote?

Absolutely! Our friendly and professional staff will make an appointment at a time convenient to you, and run through all of your needs for Surf Coast shutters and blinds. The measure and quote is completely obligation-free. Our clients appreciate that we will never utilise any pushy sales techniques!

Do exterior blinds help to keep my house cooler in summer?

Exterior blinds and particularly roller shutters for windows provide fantastic sun protection for your home. Keeping the blinds down early on a hot day will decrease the interior temperature by a considerable amount!

Can you maintain my shutters and blinds with servicing?

Our commitment to service does not end once your installation is complete. Surf Coast Shutters and Shade’s service continues long after!  We offer full servicing of your shutters, blinds and awnings where needed. Regular servicing is highly recommended to keep your products working at their optimum ability, particularly for motorised awnings and shutters and doors.

We recommend the client to keep all moving parts free of dust, dirt & grime. Follow the manufacture’s recommendations when deciding how to clean. In most situations, if a lubricant is required, never use petroleum based products, silicone sprays are used in most applications.  Information is available here

How is Ziptrak® in windy conditions?

It’s all about commonsense; I tell clients not to lay in bed if you’re going to worry about your blinds… take them up and protect your investment.

Ziptrak® does not list an official wind speed; they say this, “In windy conditions, blinds should be left down and locked, or fully retracted – half way is the most vulnerable position. During severe weather events, your blinds should be fully retracted.”

When operating Ziptrak® blinds that are motorised, always watch when the blinds are in motion, never walk away; I tell clients to keep your finger on the stop button just incase the bottom bar stops unexpectedly because of something being left underneath or tracks have a build-up of dirt, Warning: the motor will continue to move – this can cause great damage as fabric gets caught up inside the pelmet.

Manually operated Ziptrak® can be extremely tricky when taking then up in windy conditions; the wind causes the blind to flex like a sail and the spline will want to grip in the side guides; Ziptrak® says, “Use your hand to push against the blind material to reduce this pressure and then operate the blind.”  Ziptrak® Wind Rating info


When ordering your product, talk to us about how we can help you keep them at their best!