Roller shutters, Geelong and Surf Coast

Your choice for commercial and residential roller shutters

Roller shutters offer a brilliant solution for both home and business security and insulation needs. At Surf Coast Shutters and Shade in Geelong, our aim is to provide a full service at a competitive price for the custom manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of your roller shutters. All shutter blinds are manufactured in aluminium, with an extensive range of 14 colour choices to suit your home.

Our roller shutters are available in manual, battery-operated or electrical operation, as listed below. All come in a variety of colours and specifications to suit your windows and facade.

Manual operation

Choice of the Italian-made Solento winder, installed discreetly within your wall or the exposed strap winders.

Battery-operated systems

Choice is the optimum word, fulfilling all your requirements. The new PowerSmart™ battery system is  re-chargeable and you have the option available to add either 1 channel or 6 Channel remote controls. The PowerSmart™ system is also compatible with the Sensi-Fire™ Wireless system.  With a sleek modern look, the all-in-one 12 volt control/battery system will have you feeling safe and secure as you are completely independent of mains power.  The best part is, an Australian designed it!

PowerSmart Brochure

Sensi-FireWireless Brochure

Solar operation

Building or changing your home with independence to power companies in mind? Wanting a system that is green energy and friendly to the environment, then install the SolarSmart™ system. No hard wiring, no switches, no need for electricians… The SolarSmart™ system is remote control operated and completely solar powered.

SolarSmart Brochure

Electrical operation

The 240 volt electric system operates standard with a fixed toggle switch. Upgrades are available to the stylish push-button switches, remote controls and wireless smoke detection units that will automatically open your shutters when smoke is detected.

Outdoor shutters provide excellent insulation for your home. Tests have shown that roller shutters can save a possible 25% on heating and cooling costs. The insulation qualities of the roller shutter have the added function of dampening the intrusion of unwanted noise by up to 50% (note: it is not possible to offer any official test result as too many variations exist to set up an accurate experiment). Great if you live on a busy road or you have a nuisance dog next door!

And if you’re unsure about traditional roller shutters but want the benefits they bring, you will love the innovative new ranges of EasyView™ blinds. These shutters are more like a secure patio infill, available in clear polycarbonate or quality aluminium, depending on whether you want to keep your views unobstructed at all times.


EasyView™ roller shutters are constructed from quality aluminium or a polycarbonate composite material. Surf Coast Shutters and Shade is a supplier and installer of the EasyView™ roller shutters in Geelong. The beauty of these shutters is that they are slimline yet highly protective and suitable for homes and businesses alike.

Simply choose from aluminium which comes in a variety of colours to suit your existing facade or polycarbonate which is clear and allows continuous views of your outdoors.

Geelong clients enjoy this product for its security benefits as the shutters are installed over your regular glass windows, offering added protection and deterrence from criminal activity. As an added bonus, you can enjoy total light block-out if you choose the aluminium version.

The polycarbonate EasyView™ shutters are the right choice if you want added protection and security without obstructing views. They are completely clear and can also be opened and closed.

Not just for residential windows, this product also works exceptionally well for businesses, whether as window coverings or as roller doors. Why don’t you contact us to enquire about this quality product for your home or business in Geelong.

Contact Surf Coast Shutters and Shade in Geelong for an in-house demonstration at your home or business. For other security and insulation ideas, consider our aluminium plantation shutters in Geelong and Surf Coast.