Timber window canopies, Geelong and Surf Coast

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade supplies a range of sturdy, solid-pine window canopies that will cool your home, save you money and add a stunning feature to your home.

Choose from wide standard section or have window canopies custom-made to your desired requirements.

Why install a window canopy?

Reduce your energy bills
A window canopy will keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so that you can turn off your air conditioner or heater and save on electricity costs.

Stop unwanted weather reaching the window
No one likes scrubbing the windows! With a Surf Coast Shutters and Shade timber window awning, you won’t need to. You’ll also extend the life of your window sills and frames, as they won’t be subjected to as much weather wear.

Stop sun bleaching
Curtains and furniture are expensive. Make sure that yours last longer, keeping them protected with a Surf Coast Shutters and Shade window canopy. And a window canopy won’t just protect your curtains; it will protect your bed covers or lounge furniture as well.

Why not add a stunning feature to your home
Improve the resale value of your home and enjoy the envious stares of your neighbours. Have Surf Coast Shutters and Shade professionally install a window canopy or more and not only enjoy the benefits they bring, but also add an attractive feature to your home.

Allows you to leave your window open during a refreshing rain shower.

Made to last
Our window canopies are made using radiata pine and treated with Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP) to H3 level (protection for components above the ground), to resist rotting and borers.

Surf Coast Shutters and Shade gives you choice

  • miniorb (ripple/small corrugations) or blueorb (standard corrugated iron)
  • 20 Colorbond colours for sheeting and flashings
  • oil-based undercoat and two coats of quality acrylic house paint
  • five basic colours: white, cream, beige, black and woodland grey
  • upgrade to other timber coloured finishes including single or multiple colour choices
  • galvanised fixings to prevent rust.

Window & Door Canopy Choices