Ziptrak® blinds, Geelong and Surf Coast

Ziptrak® blinds offer the ultimate in protection and class. The perfect blind that runs in its own tracking system; Ziptrak® adds elegance, enhancing the look and feel of your home or business. You can choose from a great range of colours and fabrics for complete customisation.

The Ziptrak® blind system is unique and what sets it apart from its rivals is its specially designed side tracks – the blind glides easily up and down while being fully supported. Option is the keyword with Ziptrak® as you can choose from manual (spring-operated) with the added option of the centralised ‘quick release’ mechanism (perfect for using the blind as a doorway), gearbox and crank-handle system (best used on the bigger-sized blinds) and the choice of the motorisation with remote control.

Ziptrak® can have either a stylish hood or a fully-enclosed pelmet added for fabric protection. Bottom flaps are available as an option and Ziptrak® comes available in either PVC (clear or tint that is UV-stabilised and mildew treated) for ultimate view or Privacy mesh fabrics for sun protection and privacy.

Ziptrak® has:

  • no buckles
  • no straps
  • no noisy flapping
  • no gaps
  • no struggle.

If you’ve been told that your request is in the too hard basket, we can help. Our carpentry service has been used on many projects; additional posts, removable posts, walls, flashings, you name it, we can do it!

We are only too happy to assist you with your patio blind and Ziptrak® Blind requirements. If you’re after something a bit different to fill in your outdoor area and not keen on PVC, but just as innovative as the Ziptrak®, you must see our new EasyView™ roller shutters.